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Congratulations!! I thank God for you!! Can't wait til February 8th
Sisters Of Strength-MO is excitedly awaiting us fellowshipping together. Be Blessed & Be Well our dear sister.
proud to know that they allow me to hear your annointed voice in this land. i am not just in another country, but another continent, where they dont get to have this kind of touch. i am a privaledged individual compared to these here because i can be in your presence to hear what God has to say in person through you, where as they cant. they all ask me time and again; Is She Latino? look latino or Itallion to them here, but i just say no she is a brave warrior Indian Queen.
I purchased the cd Intimacy when you were at Church On The Rock in Sikeston, Mo a few weeks ago. This cd has ministered to me so much! My favorite song is "Running After You". I thank God for the annointing that is on your life! God Bless!!
I was at your Princess Night on May 20 and was truly blessed!!!! Thanks so much for honoring my mommy (Gwen Marshall)
I totally love your website update. So refreshing! Great job to you and Amanda =)
This website is beautiful and anointed, I know it will touch many!
I have enjoyed your website and I am so Blessed that you are one of my Pastors and I am also blessed that I get to be under that awesome anointing as your music ushers in as you lead us in praise and worship each week. I have your Intimacy cd and I absolutely play it at least several times a week. I am looking forward to buying another one real soon. Thank you for following the Holy Spirit and being open to all He has in store for you.I love you and Pastor Don and your precious family, you will always be in my prayers.
Love the website, Pastor Brenda. I will start coming in here more often. It is so cool to be able to come to a website and be able to listen to inspiring music.
hey sissy,long time no speak.your website, and all the awesome "anointing news" HAS GOT ME REALLY EXCITED, ABOUT YOU AND PASTOR DONS MINISTRY,god bless you abundantly above all you could ask or think, I SUR DO MISS YOU, hope all is well with the family.I was extremely saddened when i learned of brother pines passing, i am so sorry beyond belief, that you lost him,believe that i am keeping ya in prayer though,omg, my l'il sissy,so grown up,and so busy ministering the word,GOD LOVE YA SISSY!write one day soon, would love to hear some exciting things.Bro. Bill Randall
I am pleased to know that you have a website. I was recently asking friends if they could recommend worship c.d.s that would usher in the Presence of the Lord. I know I need a deeper worship...And someone suggested your cd "Intimacy"... Of course...makes sense. My daughter and I purcahsed a couple of your cds a few years ago. Can't wait to order your cd... In Christ's Love, Nan
Listening to your music while I write this "howdy"!!! Blessed by the Lord's divine appointment in our 'meeting'! He's so AWESOME!!! May He bless you and your family ABUNDANTLY with His presence. With Love, your Sister Rosa.
I immediately sensed God's anointing when I heard you lead in singing tonight at Battlefield Mall with your worship team. I was very blessed & glad to know you and your church are thriving.
Your page is quite lovely!I am excited about the mall singing coming up..Anthony and I will be available as much as you needs us(and around my work routine)
I really enjoyed your web sight. A very anointed and talented lady. I pray the Lord continues to bless your every endeavor.
Looking forward to the new CD. :)
Hi Pastor Brenda - I love the website. I am so looking forward to the release of your new CD Intimacy. It will help many people access the throne of God. Thank you for sharing you heart with us. I will be praying that you have record sales this weekend. With much love Jason Bear
Pastor Brenda..May the Lord Bless you and keep you and may His favor continue to reign upon you. May He bless you with great success singing with an anointing that destroy yokes. You and Pastor Don are always in my prayers.
I can't say enough how much your ministry has impacted my life. Sometimes I find myself struggling to enter the Presence of God, but I know as soon as I put in one of your CD's, everything will change. Thank you for being the 'connector' that I sometimes need. I will be of the first to purchase your next CD, Intimacy. I can't wait for it to be in my hands and in my CD player! Blessings to you!
you have a beautiful voice and a beautiful spirit and you have my continued prayers for you and your family
the update on the site is beautiful! I am so excited for the release of "Intimacy". I cannot wait! All of your other cds are so annointed that I know this one will pull people into such a deep place of worship and communion. This will be a blessing to anyone who desires to go into the deep with Him.
C0-Pastor Brenda, I love you and your music. You are truly a Blessing to me.
I don't know what took me so long to look at your web site but it is beautiful, just like you are. Keep up the good work. I can't wait to get your new CD. I know it will be extremely anointed and a very powerful weapon that we can use to defeat our enemy. The fight always begins with praising our Heavenly Father. So thank you in advance for all the hard work you are doing and for being available and pliable to God for this project. I KNOW it will be a blessing to many people.
God is certainly using you to blow the trumpet in Zion !! Amazing the attention of an alarm when it is voiced with passion. Go Co Pastor- Sound it LOUD ! It is time to enter God's temple with Praise and Worship in Spirit and Truth, instead of entering in Play and Wondering in the spirit of the world
Wow! Another great job, this will help me keep in touch and help me to know where to target my prayers for my Pastor.
Love your music! I'm Brittany's best friend at school
Brenda, What a voice! There is healing in your voice and when I hear your songs I feel like I can fly in God's grace and beauty. You are an inspiration to me as a songwriter. God continue to bless you in all your endeavors. Nemra Rhoden
Mrs. Brenda - I heard your music playing when I was working with some people I know and it greatly touched me. I appreciate your ministry and how you are supernaturally natural in your singing. You truly walk in the anointing and it's beautiful. Keep it real Bethie
love you pastor Brenda. I am loving my copy of your livin the life cd. I just know that as this cd gets into many more hands and into many more homes, you will hear of just how far your ANOINTING is needed across america to give people a chance to have more than a goose bump froma service, but instead they will carry evidence of a change in their life and health.
Awesome CD!! Praise and worship is anointed. You are really not living the life until you live you life with Jesus Christ. God Bless you Pastor Brenda.
If you are a true worshipper and a real praiser then you will find this CD fullfilling. It has taken me to a deeper place in God. I can feel God presence, and His weight in the songs. Please don't miss what God has "RELEASED"
I have a copy of her new CD "Livin' the Life" and if you don't have it yet, YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE MISSING!!! It touches the heart, soul, and mind and only makes you want to get closer to the King! If you want to experience a deeper and fresher level of praise and worship, this is a MUST HAVE CD. BUY IT TODAY!!!!
Love the site Pastor Brenda! Thanks for telling me about it!
Beautiful!!! I've been waiting for your site to be up and running. Awesome! Love ya!
You are so talented, and carry a great anointing on your life! I love every song from your new CD, and I am so anticipating it's release. Thanks for being so great!